Healthy Heart

Within the frames of “Healthy Heart” Module CIM “Vardanants” provides diagnostic and consultation medical services aimed at prevention of cardiovascular diseases in men and women older 40 y.o.

The Module consists of five parts:

Specialist Initial Consultation

-    Cardiologist general examination
-    Discussion of individual risk factors

Laboratory Exams

-    General blood count
-    Lipid profile
-    Extended coagulation panel
-    C reactive protein (CRP)

Instrumental Work Up

-    ECG
-    Echocardiography
-    Color Doppler Ultrasound of Carotids
-    Chest X-ray

Final Consultation 

-    Results analysis and medical resume
-    Provision of results and recommendations on CD
-    Healthy lifestyle and dietary recommendations
-    Provision of prescriptions for various medications, excerpts from medical records and health exam statements upon request

Follow Up

-    Creation and maintenance of medical records with detailed information about specialists exams and/or the results of laboratory and instrumental diagnostics
-    Two dynamic cardiologist’s consultations and one home visit per year
-    One additional Coagulation or Lipid profile check per year

There are three ways of involvement in “Healthy Heart” Module:

-    via direct referral to  CIM “Vardanants” Registration Desk. Address: 18/1 Vardanants str. 0010, Yerevan, Armenia
-    by Call Center telephone +374 10 59 21 00.